A short film can tell a story showing your products or services at their best. That’s because you are in control of how everything, and everyone, looks. And by showing it on your website you have no advertising or printing costs. Ever. Surveys show that almost 90% of web viewing is of short films. They’re easy to watch so they hold the viewer long enough for your message to hit home. And Google reward that engagement by moving your site towards the top of page one.

Here are some films I’ve made for service, industrial and property businesses, and charity. Each makes its case with power and elegance. And all for a modest one-time investment. If you’d like to know more please call me on 07812 576 430 or email.

This is only a small selection of my video work. To see more, click through to YouTube on any you see here, or go directly to my channel.

I’ve just received some excellent feedback about my service, value and effectiveness. This is my thank-you video to my clients.

This video is really a short “elevator pitch”. Something like this is possible for £299. Call me on 07812 576 430 to find out how.

Here’s a two minute video showcasing four songs by a rising music talent. Filmed in a tiny studio near Glasgow.

Sometimes an idea is strengthened by visual magic – even with humour. Here’s a good example:

Some people are great at talking to people via the camera lens. This set of very short videos (all filmed in one session) make powerful points without fuss (but with animals).

Being filmed to promote your business is a successful way to make a connection with potential customers. Many people are anxious about the experience, though, so I often use three techniques to make it easy:

1) I interview you so that you need never look at the camera – you talk to me.

2) I record each part of the chat in short bursts, removing slip-ups at the editing stage.

3) I help you feel relaxed using my years of training in active listening.   

Here’s an example. This video shows a lawyer being interviewed off-camera. He’s clearly relaxed and puts across his message (one of a series of helpful tips) calmly and with authority.

What’s better than telling customers what you do? Showing them.

This furniture maker talks about his love of his craft. As he speaks we see the raw materials transform into beautiful furniture. What could be more persuasive?

Explaining how to do something often works better if you can show the process.

A jewellery maker wanted to show how to make best use of one of her ranges. This film makes it all clear and helps her to advertise more of her lovely creations.

Making your firm’s benefits clear to customers might make most sense by using metaphors. This HR consultant explained her range of services using nautical imagery. This film includes a riverboat launch, the control-room of an ocean tanker and, for reasons which will become clear, a snake!

Why stay in the office?  This consultant demonstrated her qualities using the landscape to excellent effect. Her script became reality despite high winds and low-flying aircraft – though you’d never know, thanks to careful filming, resourceful sound-recording and plenty of editing magic.