A video with no movie camera

Here’s a short video I made, in a new Glasgow cafe, for a client who designs, sources and fits all the counter equipment for cafes, bars and restaurants. His main need was for still photos for web and trade press ads but he wanted to try out the movement and sound which makes video so captivating. The problem was that he didn’t have the budget for live action video. I came up with a successful solution – a Stills Movie.

Still images need one person (the photographer) and a few flashes on lighting stands. That’s not too disruptive in a busy, working cafe. When budgets are tight it can mean a video of sorts can still be ready to attract customers.

How did I get movement in the video when it was largely shot with stills? I used a rostrum editing technique which glides over still shots to give the impression of movement and shows the product close-up. I did cheat a little as there are a few live-action glimpses I took at the time.

I then edited the elements together to create a video of around one minute length (that’s long enough on the web).

Sound was needed next. I used ambient sound from the featured cafe at the beginning and end. In between is a loop of library music in a contemporary Italian style – matching the equipment’s image.

What’s the call to action for customers? The video ends with a caption containing contact details.
This special form of video also works with pre-existing photos. Anyone who has a stash of suitable images can have a Stills Movie made from them.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to know more about my Stills Movies please call me on 07812 576 430 or have a look at the Stills Movies part of my YouTube channel.