How to prepare for a headshot

GS suit portrait 180314 social networksGS casual portrait 051010 social media

Here are two self-portraits. Which is better?

The one on the left shows me in a suit jacket and is a traditionally lit and posed shot: angled shoulders, chin down, smile and angled face.

The pic on the right is a bit different: I’m square on to the lens, dressed casually, lit more dramatically and cropped at an angle. Different look. Different first impression on LinkedIn.

Choosing the right look to put over is important. Social media portraits are small, but have a big effect on how viewers see us.

So carefully choose the clothing, hairstyle and look you want to show to customers. And keep it all simple; images on social media are usually seen at a tiny size, like the ones below:

Tie off social media black and white SAU_3033Lesley social media 2 Alison head and shoulders colourAlan social mediaScott Wallace social media bwAngela Gribben 5839 retouched social media size

Photographs and videos are seen in all sizes, from HD monitors to tiny smartphone screens. I’m happy to speak to anyone who’d like advice on the best way to make a big impact, whatever the image size.