I can tell you that you’ll benefit from my services, and that’s fine as far as it goes. What’s more convincing is if existing customers tell you. In this short video, four clients share their experiences of my film-making and photography. They describe the gentle process and the effectiveness of the end results. Each interview is illustrated by footage or images.

If the video has helped to convince you then think how effective a similar film would be for you.


Anyone who needs a short film made, or a photograph taken, recognises that their visual image isn’t quite what they’d like to show to customers.

That’s an easy calculation to make. The difficulty is in finding someone with the skill to correct the image, and the experience to choose the right changes.

I’ve been 25 years in the visual image business – starting as an advertising art director before branching into photography and short films. It means that I know how to make your services, products, properties and people look as good to a customer as you’d want. And that can certainly help with sales, training or product demonstrations.

My aim is to provide still and moving images which will attract and retain viewers on your website by telling your story, helping to turn potential customers into paying ones.


There are lots of examples of films and photographs on this site. I took them all over the last few years, many of them in recent months. You should get a pretty clear idea of what I can do from these. I’m always open to new ideas so please get in touch if you’ve an interesting new style in mind.


In the old days short films could cost thousands of pounds. Nowadays I can achieve the same quality for an investment of hundreds. Still photography usually takes less time so less money is involved. The time needed to create a script and to edit a video also makes the difference. Compare the value with the cost of writing, designing, printing and distributing a press advert. A typical small ad could cost £2,000 with all these expenses, and once it’s in the magazine you have to pay to book the space the next time. A web-hosted video is there for customers to see forever.

If you’re anything like me you’d like a couple of examples of prices. Here’s one for photography:

A factory was to be photographed – a couple of views each of the workfloor, offices and exterior. Also wanted were portraits of three managers, to be taken on the shopfloor during my visit. The varied shots took a total of five hours, with another two hours or so of tidying-up the best in Photoshop. That made it a day’s work, for which I charged £350 (no VAT applicable). My client received a disc with the edited high-resolution images – all suitable for posters, brochures, sending to clients, or web use.

And another pricing example for video:

A consultant wanted to be filmed in an outdoor rural setting – the location illustrating her business’s story. Before filming we spent an hour fine-tuning her ideas and script to ensure that filming would be as smooth as possible and that her concept would easily motivate viewers. We filmed it over the course of a sunny afternoon. After filming came editing. I mixed together the sound and video elements then added titles and background music. After some fine-tuning by the client the video was ready for uploading to YouTube. The total time was a day and a half. With a modest library music fee included the total was £550 (no VAT applicable).

I hope that these examples are useful in working out your budget. I use all the latest technology to speed things along, particularly in the post-production tasks of retouching and editing. As time is money that works to your advantage. And asking me for an estimate won’t cost you a penny.