Turn old photos into new videos

Who would like an effective video for less? Watch the short video I made for Scotland’s Chauffeur, below, and read on:

The video is entirely made of still images. Using editing techniques, music and a voiceover the whole feel is of a short movie. In fact I describe such films as Stills Movies. Many businesses already have the basic components –sitting underused – on a hard drive. Computers are often stuffed with photos  – the team at an awards ceremony, or before-and-after shots of a roof repair. A few will appear, fleetingly, in a tweet or on a press release, never to be seen again. They’d make compelling videos to show new customers. Allowing tight budgets to stretch much further.

The Scotland’s Chauffeur film above gives the impression of being a traditional video. The secret is in telling a story and keeping the eye, ear and heart involved. The video gained enough new business in the week after its launch to pay for itself many times over.

The bank manager was equally impressed at the economical price. Plus an online movie sells 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for no extra cost.

A video is more likely to be watched on a website than almost any other content. And by easily hosting it via YouTube it makes a site more attractive to Google.

A Stills Movie isn’t just an effective tool for services. It can also promote products, like this cafe display system:

or a property for sale:

If you’ve a cluttered computer full of photos let me know and I can show you how to put them to better use. Management consultants call it leveraging your assets. I just call it making movies!

Want to know more? Contact Gordon Saunders on 07812 576 430 or email gordon@saundersfilms.co.uk